Don't just take our word for it!

Here at Medical Billing Services Inc., our goal is to provide you with the satisfaction of knowing your claims are in good hands. Our sustained excellence at what we do has been demonstrated throughout years with the numerous amount of positive feedback from our clients. 

"Sharon and her team at Medical Billing Services have been taking care of all my billing since the time I entered private practice in 1995.  Always, without exception, Sharon has seen to it that I have been paid optimally for all billable services that I provide.  She’s diligently educated me on the basics and even the subtler nuances of appropriate OHIP billing practices.  She and her team members have always taken the time to patiently answer my questions.  Medical Billing Services have diligently yet respectfully and successfully sought payment for services I’ve provided to patients from out-of-town and  out-of-country, and with little or no bother on my part.  But more than anything else I have come to trust Sharon and her staff without any hesitation whatsoever.  After this many years, almost 20, I’ve never had cause to question or doubt their professionalism or competence or their commitment to all matters pertaining to my OHIP billings. I have had the pleasure of referring many, many colleagues to Medical Billing Services since I still work with nearly all of those physicians I can say that not once have I heard a complaint or concern from any of those many colleaguesI have never regretted placing my trust in Sharon and her staff or urging others to do the same." 


 - Dr. B. Nathanson BA, MD, MHCM, FRCPC, DABIM

"I have trusted Medical Billing Services for all my billing needs for over 5 years and am very happy with the results. The staff show great attention to detail and often pickup on any codes I may have missed. The time I gain by having someone else look after my billing allows me to pursue further clinical activities which more than makes up for the cost of their service. I would highly recommend using Medical Billing Services."


 - Dr. D Spurrell

“I started using MBS over six years ago. I have never regretted my decision. I knew that as a working mother of two small children, time is the most important commodity. The time and hassle that MBS has saved me over the past 6 years has been worth every penny.  The MBS team is stellar.  They review my billings and address any issues before they are submitted. As such, I rarely have any rejections.  They have facilitated difficult claims on my behalf and have always ensured every cent I am entitled to be paid out.  I sleep very well at night knowing that I do not have to deal with any OHIP-related issues."


 - Dr. Nariman Malik, Anaesthesia Department


"Hiring MBS has been the best practice management decision I've made since I started my practice 7 years ago. Their knowledgeable staff & careful attention to detail saves me hours of time & stress every week. I really appreciate that my billings are submitted on time every month and that their staff catch & correct all my billing mistakes. Their error-free billing record has enabled them to earn my trust. I would not hesitate to recommend MBS to my colleagues."

 - Dr. Michael Bloom, Anesthesiologist, Brampton Civic Hospital

"I am very impressed with the quality of service MBS provides. They are prompt and efficient in submitting my claims, and follow up each one diligently. I receive a monthly report so I know the status of each and every claim. MBS is also reliable in helping me obtain payment from uninsured patients. Now I can spend more time with my family after work without the headache of doing my own billing!"


 - Dr. J. Petrasek, Dept of Anesthesia, Brampton Civic Hospital