Building a solid foundation for our physicians is the first step, which is later followed by the ongoing maintenance of our physicians business. At Medical Billing Services Inc, we are dedicated to the consistency of accurate billing as well as the continuation of our excellent services throughout your billing experience with us. 



Submissions are tracked to ensure they are received by the Ministry of Health. 



Claims Error Reports


Printed daily to ensure they be corrected and resubmitted as quickly as possible. 

Remittance Sumamry 


Each month you will receive a detailed remittance summary. Claim inquiries and outstanding claims are monitored until paid in full. These are available in PDF format. 


Non Ohip Billing


We are extremely professional in handling direct, third party, and IFH billings, and are efficient in the investigation of any outstanding invoices. We are able to provide Collection Agency services, to further ensure that there are no invoices left unpaid.